Platform Technology

The Liqui-Patch technology represents the next stage of dermal and transdermal drug application.

The unique Liqui-Patch platform technology is a polymer-based, sprayable and film-forming drug delivery technology for dermal and transdermal applications. It allows the effective formulation and delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients in high concentrations and low volume.

Through the non-crystalline liquid formulation, a durable permeation into the skin leads to augmented efficacy of the applied pharmaceutical ingredients.

Compared to current patch- or gel-based products, the Liqui-Patch excels through its ease of use, local tolerability, safety and efficacy. Therefore, applications with the Liqui-Patch assure increased convenience and compliance.

Invisible and Gentle Application

The Liqui-Patch is easy to apply and forms a stable yet flexible film within 90 seconds. The invisible film adjusts to any physical activity so that the patient can move around freely.

The Liqui-Patch is gentle on the skin. In contrast to traditional patches, there are no reddening or allergic responses to be observed.

Flexible Dosing

The Liqui-Patch delivers pharmaceutical ingredients conveniently as a liquid by airless pump spray applicator in a 50µl volume per actuation. Therefore, formulations can be applied onto much smaller skin surface areas, providing flexible dosing.

Low volumes of Liqui-Patch, with highly concentrated active ingredient, are applied on small skin surface areas in order to achieve the required efficacy of the pharmaceutical ingredient.

Efficient Drug Supply

With Liqui-Patch, significantly higher amounts of active ingredients become bioavailable for sustained pharmaceutical efficacy. As distinct from patches or gels, the Liqui-Patch achieves its effects through the supply of pharmaceutical ingredients in a non-crystalline, highly concentrated formulation to a small skin surface area. Using the Liqui-Patch, transdermal absorption may be increased fivefold.

Therefore, the Liqui-Patch reduces production cost as much as the ecological burden.


Due to an excellent adherence of the film onto the skin and a short drying time, the risk of transference of active pharmaceutical ingredients to other people is significantly reduced.

For the airless pump spray applications a Spray Hood, developed by epinamics, serves as a spacer to maximize Liqui-Patch film formation, while minimizing cross-contamination.

Distinct Application

The number and size of irregularly shaped lesions often poses a challenge to proper dermal application of pharmaceutical products.

Liqui-Patch offers a high degree of application flexibility through airless pump spray, roll-on or brush applicator in order to meet the needs of the individual patient.

Intellectual Property

epinamics’ film-forming technology is the subject of a granted US, EU, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, South-Korean, Mexican, Russian and South-African patent with priority date 12/2005. Grants in other major markets are expected soon. epinamics GmbH is the exclusive owner of the patent rights. Freedom-to-operate analysis has raised no concerns.

* Grant of patents in Brazil and India are expected later in 2017