Own Development Portfolio

Based on its proprietary technology epinamics is undertaking a dedicated set of development programs. Among them are Liqui-Patch combinations for transdermal application of Rivastigmine for treatment of cognitive deficits (Alzheimer´s and Parkinson’s disease), and Rotigotine for treatment of Parkinson´s disease and restless leg syndrome.

In the area of dermal application epinamics is currently developing a Liqui-Patch plus terbinafine combination for local treatment of tinea pedis (“athlete’s foot”).

Please contact Franziska Pruin at f.pruin@epinamics.com for further information regarding these opportunities.

Customized Product Development

As a true development company epinamics is entirely focused on providing its technology and expertise to partners. Next to having customers participate in existing programs (Own Development Portfolio), epinamics is committed to serving new product ideas from parties interested in contract or co-development.

Please contact Wolfgang Kehr at wolfgang.kehr@epinamics.com to find out how epinamics can run a first concept & formulation test in a minimum of time.