Replacing traditional patches and gels

Regular drug delivery patches are inefficient in supplying active ingredients. They are also rather conspicuous, impractical and skin irritating.

With transdermal gels, which are abundantly administered by hand, there is an additional risk of cross-contaminating innocent bystanders.

Traditional drug delivery patches are being replaced: Our sprayable invisible film allows a convenient, discreet and gentle application to the skin.

Once applied, the invisible film dries off within 90 seconds. The patient can move around freely asthe Liqui-Patch is coping with every motion of the body.

The active agents are gradually released and subsequently absorbed by the skin. They move through the various skin layers to reach the nearby blood vessel. From there they enter the blood stream and directly head for the required site of action.

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Market Opportunity

The worldwide market potential of the Liqui-Patch is valued at around 500 million Dollars per year.

This tremendous opportunity is carried by the Liqui-Patch´s superior application technology and very low manufacturing costs.

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Berlin-based epinamics has developed this pioneering technology to market.

The concept of an invisible yet highly effective application system was originated in the company-owned laboratories outside Berlin. A team of international scientists around Wolfgang Kehr and Michael Thiede has managed to overcome the typical problems of API carrying patches and gels.

Within two to four years, the patent-protected technology, combined with the desired agent, can be launched in all large markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia. epinamics focusses on licensing each Liqui-Patch product to dedicated players in pharma, OTC and cosmeceuticals.

epinamics GmbH

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